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Trailer Licensing Information 

The Standup Trailer conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect on the date of Manufacture. Our trailers are DOT approved in all 50 states. 

Registering your trailer is much like registering a private party car purchase in most states. The M.C.O. (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) will be sent via USPS at the time of shipment of your trailer for anti-theft purposes. When licensing your trailer, you will need the signed M.C.O., a purchase invoice, a copy of your Credit Card receipt, or bill of sale showing the purchase price.

Take these items to your local Department of Motor Vehicles/most AAA locations or a private party DMV services company and upon payment of appropriate State fees, you will be issued a title, registration, and license plate (if required). Some states may require an inspection of the assembled and finished trailer to verify serial numbers etc. prior to issuing title/registration/license. Some states may consider that this trailer kit is specially constructed for registration, licensing, and/or titling purposes. Please check your state's requirements.

If you require additional information or guidance on licensing or titling, please contact your state Department of Motor Vehicle

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