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Wide Ride-Up Ramp Kit

Includes Trailer Customization

Ride your bike up onto your Standup Trailer with this 1500 lbs. capacity lightweight aluminum ramps. Measures 5' x 49". Folds to 1/3 original size for storage. We alter this ramp to store securely on the trailer when towing and neatly hangs on the trailer for easy storage when parked. Safe and secure, this ramp is perfect for larger bikes so you can ride your bike onto your trailer with ease.

You can also use this ramp to load Quads, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers or most anything you would want to put on your Standup Trailer. We can customize your trailer to secure the ramp for loading and unloading your trailer. Just call us with your idea and lets design your trailer.


NOTE: This kit is only available to be secured on Single  or Two Rail Trailers when traveling. For trailers with  3 Rails, or some custom applications, the ramp must be stored in tow vehicle when towing due to space restrictions. 

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